My mission is to leave a positive impact on the
world through technological innovation
and by helping others grow.

When I was little, I dreamed of becoming a marine biologist or a pizza deliveryman. Why? Because they seemed like the most amazing jobs one could have to a young child. However, those dreams quickly gave way as I continued along in my academic career and learned more and more about two distinct yet interlocking worlds: business and computer science.

Learning to program in HTML using Microsoft Frontpage at age 10, I quickly became mesmerized by the capability of programmers to make anything happen on the computer screen. Whether it be something as basic as a calculator or as complicated as an algorithm for the encryption of government data, I was hooked. Over the next decade I continued to take Computer Science affiliated courses in both high school and college, learning languages such as CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Python as I went along. During this time I also began to become interested in entrepreneurial and leadership oriented activities such as public speaking, business development, and project management.

Eventually, all of these interests collided in 2012 when I began my own freelance company called Daniel Ruthman Designs, which focused on designing websites and digital graphics for local businesses. Followed by a variety of other startups involving fields such as entertainment, game development and education, I am left in the extraordinary position I am today. A position of constant learning, constant growth and constant change.

  • Majoring in Business Administration (Management)
  • Minoring in Computer Science (Web Programming)
  • Started or co-founded 5 organizations as of December 2015
  • Volunteer as a web developer for non-profit organizations
  • Have lived in both the United States (NY & NJ) and in the United Kingdom (London)


I’ve worked with a wide range of organizations.


Nick Farthing

Ithaca College

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Lily Wong

International Ivy

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Roy Westwater

Ithaca College

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