When I was in high school, I took a course called “College Prep” that was geared towards preparing us for college and beginning our journeys into adulthood. We made mock cover letters and resumes, learned about different study habits and even got the chance to talk to veteran employers about how to present ourselves in interviews and college students that successfully made the “transition.” Overall, a really interesting class that at the time I thought was a waste.

The most impactful moment of that course, however, came from a conversation with my teacher after class one day. We were discussing just general class material, when suddenly the topic turned towards representing yourself online and creating a “personal brand image.” To do this, she said you should create your own website that simply talks about your story, your experience and other pieces of information that can make up the kind of image you want to be known by. I was a bit confused at first as I assumed people just made a LinkedIn profile and that was the end of it. Why would you need more? I’m not an organization or a company; surely a resume and online profile was more than enough? I began to find out just how wrong I was when I entered college.

The job market is saturated with highly skilled individuals fighting to find their ideal jobs. This makes it very difficult for workers to stand out to employers, especially undergraduate workers. What I’ve grown to realize, is that individuals with something unique to bring to the table are more likely to get jobs. What’s unique? A personal website.

As a result, I finally got around to making my own and this is my obligatory first post. Hope you like it!