Last Fall, I got the opportunity to study abroad in London for a semester and absolutely loved it! The people, the places, the culture, everything about it was unlike anything I had experienced before. But sadly, everything eventually comes to an end and before I knew it I was back home in the United States. All those memories of going to plays at the National Theatre, traveling to foreign countries for long weekends and learning about ancient buildings and relics dating back hundreds of years were nothing but that, memories. My European adventure had concluded and a new part of my life was about to begin. I call it “Readjustment.”

At first, I was really happy to be home. I had started to miss the friends and family I had left behind before I embarked on my adventure to London and so coming back was a very joyous occasion. Over the next few weeks, life was extremely busy with all of the holiday festivities and there was nothing but happiness, fun and the occasional night of Netflix to relax. Life was going great. Aside from the downtime, I also got to work at Prudent Publishing for a week as a consultant for year-end inventory and continued to work as a freelance web developer on a few different projects including working with Education Station in Kansas City.

Once things began to quiet down and the looming school semester became increasingly closer, however, I began to think about how much I had learned and grown while abroad. It was only then that I began to realize just how much I missed jolly old England. Life in the United States is actually quite boring in comparison to the bustling city-life of London. You mean I have to drive 20 minutes to get to the movies? Why can’t I just walk a few blocks or take the Tube 2 stops and be there in 10? Or better yet, why can’t I pay £20 and see a performance of As You Like It at the Globe Theatre? Nothing going on this weekend, how is that even possible? What, no museums or national landmarks to explore?! I think you get my point. Readjusting back to a rather scheduled lifestyle has proven to be quite difficult.

Arriving back at school helped a lot though. I got to talk to friends that I had made from England about our experiences and we reminisced over the fond memories we had shared. Classes on the other hand are slowly coming back to me. Though I took a fairly filled schedule (15 credits) while abroad, the style of teaching and even format of the class (3 hours to the now 50 minutes) is a rough adjustment. The first week of classes has come and gone though and I’m proud to say things are returning to normal. This period of readjustment is ongoing, but I’m excited for the future.

Here’s hoping for a wonderful semester filled with learning, good times, new relationships and good food (I missed you Purity!).